Background: in 2020, the United States decided to test a nuclear missile,but as a result, most died, and some people mutated into orcs and zombies.

2084.Publa is a modest country with a population of 672,000 people. In the North it is limited by a huge forest, in the South there is a mountain chain, in the West there are hills, in the East there are boundless plains. Most of the country’s income comes from medicine, fishing and hunting.
Most of the country is represented by rivers and lakes, the climate is snowy. Most people live in large villages.
Local people say that there are disgusting scenery. Rocky beaches, gloomy hills and gloomy architecture are only part of what this country hides on its lands. That’s why it’s so ignored by tourists.
But one tourist decided to go there.His name was Orhan Malitzin.He was an economist.As for his character, he was attentive,courageous and active.He was tall, slim build, with thick long curly hair of light brown color,he had big wild eyes with envious look.
And in addition to people in the Publu sometimes visited orcs and zombies. That is why tourists did not want to go there.The center of orcs and zombies was the city Frosya.And what was surprising, most of the zombies were female. Capital Publi was the city Breafast.The country occupied a huge area. About 2 million square km Before leaving Orkhan Militsyn went to the office of the chief Of Indonesia Dolnakov.It was a man of low stature, plump, with thick wavy hair of light brown color, with big kind eyes with a sad look.He narrow a round face which is decorated with a narrow nose, and thick lips.
Entering, Orhan said:
Hello Parasat Lindalove!I wanted to ask your permission to leave for frosi.
-Well!Why would you go there?
«To restore the civilization of the people there,» Orhan replied.
Well…if so…Okay!- exclaimed Parasat, — but with you go two rights.Okay, for your own safety.
And then he pressed the button and said:
— Zamfira! We need 2 people to go with Orhan to frosi.
From the tube came:
-Well Parasat Lindalove! As soon as I find it,I’ll tell you.
-You see, Orhan!Parasat replied happily.But then he remembered something and said again into the phone:
— Zamfira!Hurry up! Two delegations should arrive soon.
«All right,» said Zamfira, and hung up.
Orhan a little thought and asked:
— Where should these 2 delegations come from?
— From the us And the Trior.Do you know these States?Parasat asked.
«No,» Orhan said sadly.
— I can make you happy.One of the people who will go with you geographer and guide.And the second physicist and mathematician.
— Thanks, I need people like that.And their names?
-Ermek Dul’nev and Passover Evtimov replied Parasat.
-Thank You.I’ll try to remember.
Orhan, Ermek and Pesach moved to frosi.But the doctor went with them.Far OK without it!Her name was Rusana Emisheva.Orhan asked:
— Which one of you is your profession?
— Elmek-mathematician, physicist, I-guide and geographer, and Rusana, as you know, nurse, — said Pesach, — And you who regulation?
«I’m an economist…I was,» Orhan said.
Why was that?Elmek asked.
«Cut it down, it’s a well-known case,» Pesach answered for Orhan.
«True,» agreed Orhan.
«But there is one thing,» said Elmek.
— What? Orhan asked.
— Two delegations are going to tell your boss about the disaster in their countries.After frosie, we move in there.
-What kind of disaster?Orhan asked again.
-It’s like Frosya are monsters.In Soutane-skeletons,and live.And in Trior-ghosts, — Elmek answered.
— How do we destroy them?
— With an antidote.Pesach made it.
— What name is that,Pesach?
— You don’t like my name?Pesach was indignant.
— No … just wondering.
-Well, if simply, then I will answer this.I was a priest,my real name was forgotten by everyone but me and they started calling me that.
— What was your real name?
-Anatoly(AUTHOR’s NOTE: This is not a typo!), Pesach replied.
Where you from?
We’re both from Beautmont.It’s North of Publa.
Orhan, Ermek, Pesach and Rusana arrived in frosi.It was a modest city.There were 500,000 people, 1540 and 2000 Orc zombies(but it’s not exactly,well nobody believed).As soon as they arrived they were approached by a detachment of soldiers and the chief said:
My name is Reinhard Smolnicki!I’m the Minister of defense Frosya and the chief of police.What is the purpose of your visit to frosi?
Hello Reinhard!We’ve come here to free you from zombies and orcs, » Orhan replied.
-Finally came to rescue us from this evil!happily we can say, yelled for the whole town, Reinhard I,you, police and Armed forces…That would be class!We can defeat them.By the way,how are you going to beat them, even we can’t?
-Made the antidote in Biowaste replied Passover.
-How?We made a thousand of them, if not less.You think you can do this?
— Absolutely!-said Orhan,Ermek and Passover in one voice.
Who’s that?- asked Reinhard, pointing to Rusana.
Our nurse.She’s the one with the antidote.In the bag, » Orhan replied.
«Fine,» even more delighted Reinhard and they all,including the detachment of Reinhard went to the quarter inhabited by orcs and zombies.The green Quarter.
Arriving at the quarter, Orhan felt that he had asked for nothing.»I’d rather sit in my comfortable office,» he thought.If people were, they coughed and were green with disease.
«This is the last stage of the disease before the mutation,» explained Pesach, who also knew a little about medicine.
One sick young man heard their conversation, turned around and shouted something in a strange language.Ermek versed in languages,he thought it was the Hindi language.But he didn’t know much about it.It was generally incomprehensible to anyone language.And Hindi at least someone understood.
Here rode the orcs and began a real race with obstacles.Rusana offered to pour everything on them, but the men’s company rejected her idea.
It’s God knows how many,we only see the group,-said Orhan.
-Correctly.If we pour everything on them.And then how to treat?Again, shove in Briefest to do more of this stuff and we again spent and so on to infinity?So the strength is not enough, no one!- said Ermek.
They so argued,Rusana finally not weathering:
— Okay!For crying out loud!Need to ask a huge bowl,to lure these creatures to the fence,to ask you to do a lot more of this muck.Full cup.And pour everything on them.That’s the solution.
Orhan,Pesach and she listened carefully and agreed.And they went back to the Central laboratory Breafast.So began the training.Reinhard and his squad were guarding against the zombies, so they did not come ahead of time.Rusana was also on guard.And Ermek, Pesach, and Orhan prepared the Cup and poured the antidote into it.Finally after an hour everything was ready and they began to wait.Was waiting for they do not know how many,but finally waited,and began to involve them in all ways.Finally they all turned and they turned into people.An old man ran out and said,:
— Thank you, good people!Age will not forget you!
They returned to Breafast and they were awarded.Also, a little later, they brought monsters everywhere.


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