The Khokhloma painted wooden utensils and furniture, which has become a national industry. It originated in the early 18th century in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The name of his craft was due to the village of Khokhloma, where at the fair masters and craftswomen sold painted dishes, cups and spoons.

Khokhloma dishes are varnished, which gives it a matte Shine. Because of the abundance of yellow and orange colors in the painting Khokhloma dishes were called wooden gold. It was made by hand in several stages. First, the dishes were cut out of wood, then the artisans impregnated it with varnish and applied a thin layer of aluminum crumbs to the surface of the product. After that, the dishes acquired a brilliant white color and was ready for painting. The painting was done with oil paints. The main colors were black and red, later began to apply other shades. Painted products were varnished and tempered in the oven. So «wooden gold»was made.

Khokhloma can be distinguished from traditional craft crafts thanks to the color palette that is used in its creation. On a black background scattered green, yellow and red berries, flowers and leaves. Rarely in the painting there are shades of blue. Especially festive and elegant looks Khokhloma painting with the presence of animals, fish, and, of course, birds. The patterns of the painting were never repeated, they were applied by the artist by hand.

For a long time the production of Khokhloma was hampered by the high cost of tin. Only a wealthy customer could afford such a painting. In the 18th century such a customer in the Volga region were monasteries. Masters of the Nizhny Novgorod region were called by workers to Church parishes to get acquainted with the production of unusual beautiful dishes.

Modern production of Khokhloma concentrated in Russia in two centers: the city of Semenov, where there are two factories for the production of Khokhloma products, and the village of Semino koverninsky district. Their products are valued all over the world. Now Khokhloma painting pattern has become so popular and relevant that it can be found on clothing, packaging paper, in the design of the premises.


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