Lived in one house a boy named Petya Huseynov. He dreamed of becoming an archaeologist. After all, his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc. were archaeologists.One day Petya was given a shovel for excavations on his birthday.He immediately ran into the sandbox and began excavations.He dug for a very long time.Until the evening. And finally…He found something shiny, dug it up and called dad.Dad, though he was an archaeologist, but now he was not very busy and was able to pay a drop of attention to his son.Dad gasped.Recovering himself, dad embraced his son and cried:
-Mom! Son found the world’s oldest samovar!
Mom came up and surprised.Since then Peter is known as:»the Great Russian archaeologist Peter Petrovich Huseynov».
And really, Peter did these discoveries that has repeatedly turned science.


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