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It’s been a few days since Mary Margaret died… It was the hardest for David, Emma supported him day and night until he got better, David comes with his children to the cafe where the residents of Storybrooke were waiting for them to hold a wake again, Neil was the first to raise a glass of beer and began to make his speech.

— I always remembered my mother as a sympathetic woman, it will be very difficult for me without her, like everyone else, for Snow White — Neil took two sips, Emma pronounces the second speech.

— I really appreciated my mother, because thanks to her, I appeared among you.. you have become my family, fortress, support — Emma took two sips and stood next to her father.

— To be honest, I didn’t think that Mary Margaret would leave this world so quickly, rest in peace — Hook takes a glass of beer.

— You are arrogant and a real tyrant! — Neal shouted, Hook glanced at the heir — you didn’t even, know her that came to mock our grief?! 

— Neil, I begging you — Emma said.

— This pirate needs nothing but to drink and look at someone else’s grief, me tired of being silent — Hook puts the glass on the table, then goes to Neil.

— Me don’t, what you think — Hook said.

— You forgot, who is in front of, pirate? — Neil asked.

— A there is someone standing in front of me? — Neal grabs Hook by the neck with both hands and gives him a forehead in the nose, causing Hook to fall to the floor. 

— Neil! — David shouted, Hook suddenly hit the heir on the knee with the sole of his foot, when Neil was on the floor, Hook quickly pulled out his sword and brought it to Neil’s chin

— I not simple pirate, I captain. 





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