There is a spark in us

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David and Hook calmly went into a cafe, before that they agreed not to tell anyone about the kiss, as well as about the meeting with Tamara and the Greek.

— Thank God, I was already starting to worry about you — Emma said as she hugged her father, Hook looked away from jealousy and sat down at an empty table.

— There was a pirate with me, and it seems they bring good luck to people — Hook smiled at David’s words, Emma just burned inside and looked at Hook for all this.

— Daughter, are you okay?  David asked.

— Yes, I was just thinking about work… a lot of things happened today, for example, surprises or difficulties — Hook giggled,Neil approached this very seriously.

— What are you smiling at? — Neal asked.
— Just like that, — Hook quickly replied — «Is there a problem, Your Majesty?»
— Hey, you found a moment for a showdown! — Emma ended the discussion between Neil and Hook, and David came to Hook’s defense. 
— Neal, go home, you need to cool off a little.
— Why are you standing up for him?! — Neal asked David roughly.
— Didn’t they tell you that you don’t talk to your parents like that, — Hook said, — you should learn good manners, maybe you’ll learn to treat others better — Neal bared his teeth, walked up to the pirate and grabbed his chain with his han.
— It’s not for you to teach me, you’d better go away! — Hook pushes Neal away from him. 
— Stop it, that’s enough,» Emma said.
— I just can’t understand one thing, Father, why do you let him be with us? maybe he personally shot our mother! — Neal shouts.
— Look at yourself first, princess! — Neal punched Hook in the mouth for insulting him. 
— Hook, are you okay?… — Emma asked. 
— I’ll get up myself, better take your hands off. Hook gets up from the floor and looks into Neil’s eyes. — you think you’re so special and dangerous! it’s not true, you’re weak, you just showed this to everyone.. 
— Shut your mouth, you son of a bitch! — David stood ahead of Hook to keep Neil from getting closer. 
— Enough, Neil stop now — David said. 
— God, do you have feelings for him?! — with a surprised face, Neil asked David. 
— We kissed — Emma looked at David and he closed his eyes — and my feelings for him are real. 


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