«Matchmakers»-a Comedy 2008-2013 the Series was filmed in Ukraine,Crimea,Tula.At the moment 6 seasons are removed.After the release of the first season(it consisted of polutorachasovogo of the film, as the second season), the series immediately gained popularity.Millions watch it to this day.
Now I want to Express my opinion about the series.I like it very much, there are a lot of jokes, for example: «Someone saws at work,and we always have Saturday»:).My favorite actor is Fyodor Dobronravov.He suffered a stroke in 2017, he underwent surgery.
At the moment, shot 3-5 series season 7.But in the context of conflict(data from Wikipedia,link below),the series has frozen.The meeting was, it was said: «the trial postponed indefinitely».
I personally want it to be released in March 2019.I look forward to it.
Link to the article» Matchmakers » in Wikipedia: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Сваты


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