Lived in the same house, a cat and 3 mice. Mice lived in the basement, there were many, but some stood out among them because they were very smart. There were 3. Their names were: Borya, Sasha, Kostya.

And one day the mice decided to go into the house and eat cheese.

But when they asked permission from the family grandfather and father (they were wise mice) said:

— It’s dangerous you can eat a cat!

But they disobeyed and entered the house.

— I think, that have them choked deposited in this thing, — said Sasha, pointing to refrigerator.

— I, too, so seems, — said Borya and Kostya in one voice, agreeing with Sasha.

And so, the mice went to the refrigerator.

And here is under the end of the meal they heard steps.

 IS THE CAT!!!  the mice cried and ran away.

And so it was many times until they had a little argument as soon as they wanted to have lunch again in the house.

— We will be protected by Borya and he will tell us if the cat comes, — said Sasha.

But Borya did not agree, and then the mice decided to have lunch in their cheese storage in the basement. The mice wore cheese for many years.

After lunch, the mice decided to stay home as the people returned for the weekend.

And here on Monday, the mouse went back in the fridge.They didn’t know there was a cat. And when they came, the cat attacked and seized Borya, taking him prisoner.

Arriving at the cat’s lair, the cat asked:

 Where’s your mouse house?

Borya did not say anything, but finally, after painful questioning, he gave up:

— We live in a basement and we have a cheese warehouse.There are plenty of us.

The cat let go of the Bob, but it is expensive mice worth it, because the cat that night everyone ate.


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