The Village Cesario.House Seliverstovich.Boy Misha(or as it was called, all the children) went to the forest.He was 11 short years,but his mother Svetlana said to him:
-No bread,guns,salt,matches,ammunition and an axe will not let you.
-Why,mother?- surprised Mishutka.
Why, son!- Svetlana’s mother sighed.- Without bread you will starve,salt too to be useful, matches and an axe for a fire.And the axe is still for zarubey, and suddenly get lost!We have taiga!What a beast!And cartridges with a gun for protection.You can use the hatchet for protection in case the cartridges run out.And preferably with the father or go with a friend.Only Mike was going to take issue,like his dad John said:
— Guy 11 years, and you his with friends or with me send!One can do it!
What if he gets lost?Misha’s mother was alarmed.
-Grow up.Then it will be more accurate.Listen, son, — suddenly said Pope Dmitri.- Give you 2 weeks.If you don’t come after, we’ll look.
Only mom mouth gape like dad looked at her.As something threatening and menacing.Dima agreed,it collected and after an hour he is on the way to the forest.He even took a flashlight and the oil is captured,if you go out of the lantern.Grandparents came and asked where grandson,explained to them,they panicked,but reassured them, and they said.
About Cesarean was coniferous forest, although I said earlier.In this forest, bears and wolves.Oh,I forgot.Misha there at all initially for mushrooms went.

It was the evening.Mike has already reached.He also took the tent.He also took a fishing rod, a bucket.For fishing.He also took a manual for fishermen, hunters, encyclopedia of all animals with their full description (Habits,habitat,food,size,enemies,appearance).I also brought a Red Book.There were all the animals of the world on the verge of extinction.It was all the same as the book about animals.And for the interest he picked up a book of all extinct and prehistoric animals, from the formation of the planet.
It was June, even at 11 o’clock in the evening it was still light.He put up the tent, hung the lantern there, folded everything, and left the knife, matches in his pocket.Far it decided not to depart from the tent.And his father he is generally allowed to collect mushrooms,and just learn to live in the wild on their own.
While Mishutka was getting ready for housing,the night came and he went to bed.Morning came.Mishutka woke up when the sun was high.Actually, he was awakened by the magpies.
«I hate crows,magpies,jackdaws!To sleep with his croak!Misha thought viciously.Then he thought, » why did I pack so many things?».But then reconciled and decided to prepare their own meals.He took a gun, an axe, loaded the gun and went.The notches also did.But he did them so as not to forget and distinguish where to go.Only he went as he got caught…Arctic Fox!They shouldn’t even be in these places,but in General father once told him:»we Have,son,Arctic foxes bred,neat!».He raised his gun and fired.He was a mark, but this time he only wounded the animal.He ran after him,shooting and notching.Fox finally ran out of steam and fell.The bear ran up to him.The Arctic Fox looked at him so pitifully that the bear did not shoot again.He carried the animal to the tent, looked through the book and read:»Arctic Foxes are omnivorous animals».He scratched his head and decided to tame it with meat.»But where will I get meat?Misha thought.And he decided to shoot at least a capercaillie.Long Mishutka his I searched, finally found,shot and carried the exhausted Arctic Fox for food.He carried it to the Arctic Fox,the Arctic Fox ate and a week later got stronger and decided not to run away.Mishutka kicked him out more than once, but finally gave up, because the Arctic Fox came back every time and howled piteously, as if saying:
-Don’t send me master,you healed me,fed and paid in kind.
«Here’s another animal to provide something you need!he thought.Generally the Fox was good and was up half the night,guarding his master.Was he a small with blue eyes eyes and was he white-a grey.Also Mishutka read: «Arctic Foxes live from 6 to 10 years.»Mishutka determined that the Arctic Fox is about 3 months old.So bear Fox and tamed, and they lived together.He called the Fox «eagle».After a week Mike was tired of living in the forest,he caught a bunch of fish and the Eagle went home.He did not get lost and in the evening came to the destination-the house.First,the parents were afraid of the Fox,but Mike and them grandma and grandpa explained.That’s it!
The END!


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