April 21, 2100. In Russia, the President was offered the latest technology: a robot that can do anything, much more than a man. The President replied:

— Let’s see how he will conduct research into the Universe. How many years of work without recharging the battery?

— 3000 years-said the scientist Sidorov, who proposed the development and manages it.

— A lot … and the robot can move in time?

— Easily. It can travel from the beginning of the Universe to the death of the Sun.It can also do anything, even a time machine, and it can withstand temperatures of +23 billion degrees Celsius.

— I haven’t even heard of that temperature.So he can even, so to speak, get into the Sun?!

— Exactly!!!

— And he can fly from the edge to the edge of the Universe?

— Can. Moreover, it flies at the speed of light.

— I agree and entrust you with its development.

— Thanks!!

A couple of months later, on July 26, the robot was ready.They called him Gosha and drew a name on his stomach.On August 13, the President arrived.

— I didn’t even think it would be so high-tech!!!  the President exclaimed when he saw Gosha.

— It will make our planet very developed. I hand you 1 of 2 Gosha control panels, — Sidorov answered.

For example, I press this button?  the President asked, pointing to a large yellow button.

But before we continue the story, I’ll tell you about this remote. He has a lot of buttons. One is responsible for example for the greeting, the other for gratitude, the third for farewell, the fourth for an apology, etc.


Try, — said Sidorov.

The President pressed and gosh greeted in such a voice that the President was not amused childishly.

— I give the first task to Gaucher: to study the Sun.

«Matter has gone, even our planet to study not managed, already on the Sun send»— thought gosh, but aloud agreed.

Great! — the President said and left.

After 3 years, on 23 July 2103, and the robot was prepared, and the spacecraft called Vostok-112. The launch took place.The newly arrived President.Gosha sat in the rocket and began the countdown voice of the head of the cosmodrome Petrenko:

— 10,9,8,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LAUNCH!!!

The rocket took off, and everyone began to look sadly into the sky blue. And sad because for 3 years they got used to the response.Gosh, he wasn’t happy:

— I’m small and I can work again, he thought.

The Vostok-122 spacecraft is rushing through the starry space.At the helm of our robot gosh. Suddenly some hissing sound and on a small screen on the left side of the steering wheel appeared the face of Sidorov and Petrenko.

— How did you get to the Sun?  Sidorov asked.

— No still until Venus not was your flight, — responded gosh.

— We are now on the live broadcast until you return to the Ground, — said Petrenko.

— I’m glad, because I will have someone to talk to, replied gosh.

The ship flew past mercury. The Sun was half an hour left.

«I’ll be in the Sun soon,» gosh exclaimed joyfully.

— Don’t let us hinder, — responded Sidorov and Petrenko in one voice, — until ties.

— Goodbye — said gosh and turned off the screen.

The ship landed in the Sun, and gosh came to the surface of the sun. He was not even hot because on the surface of the Sun reaches only +5 million degrees Celsius, and Gosha is known to withstand a much higher temperature. As soon as gosh got accustomed, he began to look for something new, and immediately stumbled over a stone and fell.

«EKLMN!!! Cursed stone » — he cursed. But when I looked closely, he was delighted and put a stone in his suitcase. After all, it was a rare stone which is called Influencia.

Returning to the ship, gosh turned on the screen and said:

— I found the rarest stone in the Universe!!!

— Isflush? — surprised Petrenko and Sidorov.

«Yes,» said Ghosh.

— Congratulations, you completed the first mission and can return home for a month, and then continue your space journey — — Sidorov said.

Gosha’s ship turned around and headed towards our planet. We met him with applause and the President awarded him a medal.

A month after the end of the trip Gosha was summoned again. As soon as he came in Sidorov said:

— Hello Gosha!

«Hello,» he said.

— We are sending you to Sirius in the Dogs of war, — said Sidorov.

— I’m ready!  gosh answered cheerfully.

Here 25 April 2105 again took flight.Petrenko said:

— 10,9,8,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LAUNCH!!!

And Gosha flew.No one this time did not disturb him during the flight and so he flew faster than at the time when he was disturbed. And here is took place landing.Gosh came out and I have to say, started to overheat a little.And suddenly there was a rustle.Gosh was frightened and decided to check who is tinkering there.Opening the bushes, he saw a small furry animal, similar to a kitten.He loaded it onto the ship and immediately flew home.On the way, he called the base and said,:

— I found a little animal!!!

— What?  Sidorov asked.

«This one,» said gosh, showing the animal.

 It’s Kitty!!! — happy Sidorov.

— What are you so happy about?  gosh asked.

— This discovery! These animals are the rarest in the Universe! — shouted with delight Sidorov.

Gosh arrived, he was greeted with applause, and again awarded the medal, this time «for the discovery of a new species of animals.»

25 March 2108 year.After traveling through space, Gosha called Sidorov, and at the entrance Gosha told him:

— Hello Gosha! We need your help.You have to invent a time machine and travel on it.But not one, but two brothers of scientists Grescovich. Vasily and Peter.They will help you throughout the journey.Your goal: to change the course of some events. The list will be issued to you at the meeting in the evening with the scientists.You agree?

«I agree,» I said happily gosh.

In the evening there was a meeting.Gosha was questioned about everything to get to know him better as a friend. Then issued a list, which was given the times in which you want to get there, and what to change.Here it is:

Eliminate Napoleon.
Get into the XVI century and cure John IV the terrible (1584).
Penetrate into 1918 and prevent the execution of the Royal family.
To get to 1939 and to liquidate in all ways Adolf Hitler before the second world war, to destroy the Third Reich and to destroy all documents connected with the plan «Barbaross».
To cure Pushkin (1837).
Prevent the death of Gagarin (1968).
These tasks were to be performed by our team.But they also had to invent a time machine, because it wasn’t ready yet…

1 June 2108 year.Everything was ready to fly in time.The flight took place in the house of scientists.There krmoe them and Gosha were present: Sidorov, Petrenko and of course, the President, the Prime Minister and their protection.That’s all climbed into the cab of the car and began the countdown:

— 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, WE BEGIN THE MOVE IN TIME!!! — the President said that.For Gosha it was 3 countdown for his life.To begin with, they decided to correct the situation in 1918 with the execution of the Royal family.

Suddenly bright light and hissing … another second and our heroes in 1918.

-It is necessary to correct somehow a political situation, — Gosha told. They went to every house with a speech.:

— If you do not say that it is necessary to overthrow the Emperor, we will persuade him to make your lives better.Agreed?

And all agreed.After 2 days overthrew the Provisional Government and Nicholas II again became Emperor.And of course, the Royal branch of the Romanovs, including the Royal family, was left alone.

Again the bright light and hissing… Our heroes again in the year 2108.Then they wanted to eliminate the plan «Barbarossa» and the Third Reich, including Hitler.But before they did, they were rewarded.

26 Aug.Our heroes went again to the past.As soon as they entered the residence of Hitler, immediately heard the German speech:

«Ich hoffe Hitler ist bereit, Moskau anzugreifen,» said the first. I translate: «I hope Hitler is ready to attack Moscow.»

— Ich hoffe auch sehr darauf, — agreed the second. Translation:»I really hope so, too.»

Gosha knew 30 languages, including German, so he understood and translated everything.They had to enter the weapons warehouse to intimidate the enemy.

After 3 hours, they easily took the gun and entered Hitler’s office.

— H;nde hoch! Gib Auf Das Dritte Reich! — shouted friends and eliminated the Fuhrer exiled him to the island of St. Helena, where Napoleon had been sent before. Translate their speech: «Hands up! The Surrender Of The Third Reich!».Then they went home. Having come there, they were given a diploma.

6 Oct.Our friends decided to cure John the terrible.Having come to the Royal chambers they were met by the Royal clerk:

— Hello travelers! Zach;we have come to the Sovereign?

— Hello uncle! We treat him come, ‘ answered our hero.

— A untangle; m bol;et our Tsar?  the clerk asked.

«Tuberculosis,» they answered.

— What is tuberculosis?

— The disease.Dangerous.Need to cure.

— Okay, let’s go, ‘ answered the clerk and brought our travellers to the king.

When our travelers came in and introduced themselves, Ivan the terrible asked:

— Why did you come?

— You treat the King’s Father, ‘ replied the friends.

Ivan the terrible agreed, gave them for treatment, travelers said goodbye to the Tsar and the clerk and soon our travelers gathered to Pushkin.

February 9, 1837.Our travelers came to the place where Pushkin was treated.Until his death less than a day remained.Our friends burst into the room and said,:

— Hello, Alexander Sergeevich! We treat you came from certain death.

— Hello my friends! Treat soon!

Having cured Pushkin, friends had to save Gagarin and eliminate Napoleon.They decided to eliminate Napoleon first.

December 19, 1811.Arriving at the Palace, they immediately heard the French:

— Napol;on est fou! Nous perdons!

He said: «Napoleon completely lost his head! We’re going to lose!».

— D’accord!

Translation: «I agree with you, friend!».

In half an hour our travelers rushed to Napoleon, and in an hour he said that he would never stick his nose in Russia.Then he was sent to the island of St. Helena, where he lived until his old age.

1968. Day of death. Friends instantly broke into the airport and shouted: 
-Uncle Yura! Don’t fly like this! Your friend will test the plane alone! You have your whole life ahead of you!!!

«I agree,» said Gagarin and went home.

Our travelers returned home and they were very much rewarded for such things. Only the current President was no longer the President, but the Emperor of the house of Romanov.

Pushkin lived until 1885, and Nicholas II until 1947. Thanks to them, Ivan the terrible lived until 1616.

Goshina life ended suddenly, due to oxidation of contacts on July 25, 2175. Sidorov was gone-January 26, 2117, Petrenko-February 25, 2119, Grishkov Brothers-July 25 and August 27, 2157.On this sad note I will finish my story about Goshin life full of adventures…


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