Oleg Ryabov,a detective with 35 years of experience sat in his office and looked at the street.It was evening.About 4 hours.Suddenly ran out of breath Sergeant Sorokin and spoke intermittently:

-Comrade Ryabov,let me report!

-What are you doing!?Come on, report back!Ryabov replied,uncomprehending.

-On a side street Kolesnikova in the house 24 the murder of husband and wife!They have grown children and they will soon come too!

Ryabov grabbed his gun and half an hour later a whole delegation of police officers arrived at the crime scene.Ryabov has seen a lot in his lifetime and therefore not at all surprised by the crime.Then the paramedics arrived,they took the corpses and Ryabov, Sorokin ransacked.It was the Kolesnikov house,it stood outside the city and was two-storey.They found a note in which were written the names of all members of the Kolesnikov family and the will.There was written,that is called «black on white»here Handle black was!

«Maxim Kolesnikov is the head of the family,father and husband.Catherine-wife,mother.Daria’s daughter.Tom-the son.

Will Artemas,the eldest son of half ours,and Daria all the rest.Take what you want,but if we get killed,leave something to the police.».

Ryabov was surprised.»People know that they will kill you!he thought.And on the note described all the property in the house and began,so to speak census.It turned out,10 things, presumably valuable had stolen.It was the jewelry of his wife and daughter.

Soon the children arrived and were very upset.The property was divided among themselves,the police also took part,made a list of the remaining things,gave it to the children,wrote to themselves too.Then we went to the police station and the investigation began.

Ryabov and Sorokin arrived at the police station,ran to the laboratory and began an investigation.They found evidence in the house.dirty carpet,stained the door of the box and the handle of the door is also papachina.More Wallpaper.All photographed,and all that can be still and took away with them.The handle was torn off,a dirty piece of carpet was cut out and from all this and from the door took typos of fingers and feet.Ryabov waited three days and the results finally came.It said the suspect was Georgi Efremov 1985 In his gang called him «Wolf» for his speed,agility and brutality.The gang had been from 15-20 people,but in the house Kolesnikov he acted alone.Ryabov even didn’t begin to find out why.»Maybe I wanted himor had a fight»he said in the mind.After they hung up with his sketch of the wanted posters around town.And as you,my reader, understand,they’ve started a manhunt all over the city and the suburbs.In General, they reported it to others,those others also made a sketch and posted ads.So the whole country was looking for him.»If we can’t find him,we’ll tell the world.Ryabov thought.But 90%,as expected Ryabov,»Wolf» was somewhere in Russia.Near the old factory,in an old building was a gang of bandits.In it and was already known us «Wolf.»He was the Deputy head of this gang.

At all in this a gang of was about 40 people.And it was headed by Viktor Nosov, nicknamed «Humpback Jackal».Humpback,because he had a slightly crooked nose,and Jackal because he was as cruel as the «Wolf».Even harder.

Sorokin,Ryabov and all who were looking for this gang obreli entire country,but didn’t think to opryskivatel garbage.And as we know,in vain…

-Only bums,pigs and «wild» animals rummage in the garbage!-said Ryabov.

The gang had the name «CUREL and EVIL WOLVES» which translates to «Cruel and evil wolves».Members of the gang were all looking for everywhere and everyone.Especially the «Hunchback of the Jackal» and «Wolf», because they believed them to be the most clever,cunning,cruel and intelligent.

We’ve been looking for this gang for a week,at least one member.Finally Ryabov had crumbled:

-Maybe comrade major Fishermen’s rights,about the fact that they are quite possibly around garbage dumps.

Everyone applauded and shouted «Hurrah!Ryabov guessed!»and began searching.

After a week of searching Ryabov unbearably tired,but there was one place(and right!) and he decided to go there.Finally, he found the whole gang,all gave up…But not just ran,but Ryabov solved this problem with ease.He put up a huge guard.All for their tricks in the gang gave a life sentence,but it is unknown how it will go further…


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