Happened the day, which there is have every human on Earth.No!Not a wedding!The thing is, my brother was born.This day was June 22, 2015.No!Not at 4 am and 10 PM.I was asleep, actually.I learned about the appearance of this man from his father.It is the 23rd when I got up around 8 am, still tossing and turning.Finally he lifted his head, saw me awake and said that I was not expecting it:
-Good morning son!You had a baby brother!
I was overwhelmed with emotions.I was sweating and excited.And my heart was racing with joy.I was 7.5 years old.When my brother came from the hospital,I didn’t remember much.I remember being very happy.My brother is a little bandit.Everything was falling apart and gather doesn’t want to.Sometimes we fight, but I love him very much.Now he is almost 4 years old.The only thing that upsets me is that because of his birth I had to kick the cat out.Until this all!

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