I have a cat Senya.He’s only 3 months old.He’s lop-eared, he doesn’t go out.Painting it black and grey striped.Almost like tiger.I remember dad brought it to us when he was a month old.It was January 10.He brought it and said:
-The beast!
He meowed and my brother and I understood.Mom said:
-You what?I didn’t expect this at all!
Dad said:
«I have brought it to you, and we will never drive it away.»Will have us until old age to live.
Let me explain why I wrote «her.»For a month we thought it was a girl, and instead of a Canopy, it was Sonya.He’s a bully.Bites, scratches, shouts.We immediately suspected that the girls are cats not as animals.And it was confirmed one morning when dad told us:
-Ah!What we with you silly!It’s a boy!
As a result, three more days we got used to it.Especially it is difficult was brother.He kept calling him Sonya.But finally all are accustomed.
When he grows up we will vaccinate him and castrate him.So I don’t have allergies.Grow up,something about him will write interesting.

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