I was 6 years old.June, sunshine.It’s great!And then about mom’s birthday dad brought us a little black kitten.We called him the Cat.He was a little sick, so not as frisky as all.We cured him, vaccinations and everything.Took him out for a walk, washed him and everything.He was lop-eared.
But my brother Lesha was born.The baby nurses came and said,:
-Your child is susceptible to allergies and therefore we recommend your cat to someone to give.
My mother listened, filed a notice and then one day somewhere around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, mom got out his comb and returned without him.Just some car drove away from us.I asked.:
-Where Is Kitty?
My mother replied that he was taken away and I was very sad.I do not get out of this state to this day.But with the advent of Canopy has become much better.
My brother and I still talk to my mom.:
-Mom!Why did you give the Cat?He was so calm.Not like Senya.
Mom answers.:
I’m not happy.I should have.
At the moment, we do not know about his fate.We only know that he was taken to Moscow 1-3 years ago.He should be 5 years old now if he’s alive.Although navryatli, it can get infected and you walked down the street.But I can only assume.

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